Dakota County Fair has solidified its reputation for entertaining crowds in the standing-room-only racetrack sport of Demo Derbies.

Derby fans came to watch the dirt fly in the grandstand for three nights during the 2019 fair in Farmington.

Diehard demo derby fans swear by this grandstand family event and return each year to see and hear the loud, brash, dirt flying derbies.

Seeing cars tear up the track and hearing drivers rev up their engines can provoke emotions of reckless abandon and sweaty exhilaration.

Thursday night offered competition with the 1980s Chain & Go, Mighty Minis, retro vans, full-size and mid-size weld. Friday night offered wacky amusement to watch grown men wearing helmets and driving riding lawnmowers. It was a showdown to see who had the mightiest John Deere lawnmower that could cut up the track.

The three nights of derbies offered family and fairgoers fierce competition with stock trucks, compact cars and CW- 80s Chain & Go.

Derby Director Mike Tix said the popular derbies are usually sold out.

This grandstand show attracts loyal fans and generations of families who come to hang out and spend a few hours of fun together. Fans laugh out loud to see the fun painted cars smashing into each other. Dirt flies out of the pit and into the crowd at times and the engines roaring reverberates across the fairgrounds.

From the mechanical side, demo cars are average ordinary cars pulled out from fender benders on the highway. Then builders’ use their genius to rebuild engines. Drivers put creativity into painting the exterior car bodies with cool themes, car numbers and bright paint jobs so cars stand out on the track.

The end game is to have fun and see which fierce cars are the last one running with a driver who can still move across the grandstand track.

Organizers say this loud sport offers good clean, wholesome fun for the family.  Veteran derby fairgoers swear this show showcases they come back to see their local derby drivers compete in a big vehicular mosh pit.

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