Teresa A. Maki

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Teresa A. Maki

Age: 69

Address: 3300 145th St. W., Rosemount

Family: Widow with two grown children and several grandchildren

Occupation: Retired business owner

Education: B.S. in environmental horticulture from the University of Minnesota

Qualifications: Prior president of a homeowners association, skilled negotiator

Why are you running?

I would like to add a mature perspective on the issues facing the students and educators of District 196.

What is your preferred approach to equity and inclusion in classroom instruction and staff training?

I am not sure I have a preferred approach to equity and inclusion in the classroom and staff training. These are tough concepts to incorporate into any public setting. The goal should be to have as much non judgmental behavior in both the classroom and staff approach as possible … not always an easy task.

What are your thoughts about how the district has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?

I think the district responded appropriately to the COVID-19 pandemic, following the CDC and state guidelines. We are all in a new arena with this virus and the learning curve has been steep.

What differentiates you from the other candidates?

My age and life experiences differentiate me from the other candidates.

In what area or areas could the district be doing better? What should the district be doing to improve in this area or areas?

I think, overall, the district is doing well. Areas of improvement could be in more transparency in the decision making process, and listening to parents’ genuine concern for their students’ well-being.

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