Kaia Zeigler

Update: After the publication of this Q&A Kaia Zeigler announced that she has withdrawn from the race, though her name will still appear on the Election Day Nov. 2 ballot. The initial candidate filing period ended Aug. 10, and candidates had until 5 p.m. Aug. 12 to withdraw their candidacy so their name would not appear on the ballot.

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Kaia Zeigler

Age: 21

Address: 10777 Amherst Way, Inver Grove Heights

Family: Sarah and Kim Zeigler (mom and dad), Alli Zeigler and Erika Zeigler (sisters)

Occupation: Talent Acquisition Intern-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Education: Will graduate with a psychology degree from Hamline University December 2021

Qualifications: Recent District 196 graduate, experience with budget decisions as student body president at Hamline University, experience working on facilities projects, strong community connections, focused my studies on developmental psychology

Why are you running?

As a District 196 graduate, I know what it’s like to be a student in our community. I would provide an entirely new perspective to the board as a woman of color and recent graduate. During the past election seasons, I noticed that there was a voice missing from the board. That voice being of the first-hand student experience in our district. It is incredibly important to keep District 196 students at the forefront of every decision that is made. I have recent personal experiences in understanding how board decisions go into action and the impact that they have on our students. I look forward to serving my hometown community in a way that is dear to my heart – progressing 196’s values of quality, equitable education and career readiness. Together we can continue working toward providing infinite opportunities for each and every student.

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