DARTS 10th annual Party It Forward event in October surpassed its fundraising goal and raised $83,719 to help seniors and their caregivers throughout Dakota County and surrounding areas.

This annual fundraiser, hosted by the nonprofit DARTS, is a community-wide celebration supporting the DARTS mission to create connections that enrich aging. The proceeds support DARTS information and assistance and ensure seniors in and around Dakota County can receive home and yard help regardless of their income.

The party was online for the second year in a row and viewers used the YouTube chat feature to connect while hearing from staff, clients, and volunteers. DARTS officials said the program underscored how important home and community are as we age.

With the support of sponsors, volunteers, and the community, DARTS Party It Forward 2021 exceeded its $83,000 fundraising goal to help nearly 1,200 people receive the support they need to feel less isolated and safer.

“The idea that ‘we will all be there some day’ reminded us that growing older is a positive life outcome,” said DARTS President Ann Bailey. “The evening celebrated the aging journey, and peoples’ gifts tell seniors how highly they are valued.”

Visit dartsconnects.org to learn more about DARTS, Party It Forward, and how to help seniors in the community. The event is available for viewing by searching for DARTS Connects 2021 on YouTube.

Since 1974, nonprofit DARTS has served seniors and their families in the southeast metro, helping seniors lead more independent lives. Services include house cleaning, home repair, outdoor chores, transportation services, caregiver coaching, and volunteer opportunities. For more information or to become a volunteer, call 651-455-1560 or visit www.dartsconnects.org.

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