alcohol vaping

An alcohol vaping machine. 

Bar owner will appear at news conference to warn others of its dangers

Authorities recently confiscated an illegal alcohol vaping machine used for inhaling alcoholic beverages from an on-sale Dakota County retail establishment and fined the bar owner.

The bar owner, who said he or she did not know the device was illegal in Minnesota, learned about the machine from a bar owner in Wisconsin and purchased a machine online.

A City Pages report from June 2019 said one device can spray a mist version of alcohol into a balloon that is then sucked in by the user. The report said one balloon contains the equivalent of two and half shots of alcohol.

To educate the public on the dangers of alcohol vaping, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, the Minnesota Poison Control Center and the bar owner will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the Minnesota DPS Media Room in St. Paul.

The bar owner wants to help educate those in the industry about Minnesota’s law that bans alcohol vaping machines, according to a DPS release. 

DPS said it has emailed the Minnesota alcohol industry to warn establishments about the illegal device.

Those who will also appear at the press conference are special agent Terry Kelley, DPS-AGED, and Dr. Ann Arens, Minnesota Poison Control System, Emergency Medicine Physician at Hennepin Healthcare.

Under Minnesota law, it is illegal for any person or business establishment to possess, purchase, sell, offer to sell, or use any type of device or machine for the purpose of inhaling alcoholic beverages. Violations could result in administrative civil penalties and/or criminal charges.

A live stream of the news conference will appear on YouTube at the following link:

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