To the editor:

Human-caused climate change has fundamentally shaped life in the 21st century. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, eight of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998, with the two hottest years ever recorded being 2012 and 2015. Its effects, while widespread, are unequally distributed; in the United States, the Midwest will be among the hardest-hit.

In Minnesota, climate change has ushered in hotter summers, warmer winters, and severe weather. Unfortunately, Minnesotans continue to contribute to its acceleration. According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota is not on track to meet its emissions reductions goals, outlined in the Next Generation Energy Act.

Gov. Tim Walz is helping Minnesotans pave the way toward a more sustainable future through Clean Cars Minnesota. This campaign looks to reduce Minnesota emissions by establishing stricter regulations on the transportation sector. This rule will require car manufacturers to deliver more low and zero-emission vehicles to Minnesota, making the sustainable options convenient and affordable.

While perceived as expensive and impractical, electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly economical choice. In states that have enacted stricter emissions guidelines, the transition to electric vehicles has saved residents $88 billion, according to the MPCA. Minnesotans would benefit from savings on gasoline, as we spend $11 billion on its importation annually.

The environmental benefits of this campaign are undeniable. A transition to electric cars would decrease emissions and lower the atmospheric concentration of tailpipe fumes. A reduction in these gases would mean a cleaner atmosphere for all, especially for minority groups, the poor, and the elderly.

Climate change is not a partisan issue. In the interest of creating a prosperous future for all, Walz has proposed a rule that would place stricter regulations on transportation emissions in Minnesota. Ushering in economic savings and reduced pollution, Clean Cars Minnesota has the power to create a brighter future for the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Maria Larson


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