Jacob and Krystal Magnuson found the Burnsville Fire Muster Medallion on the second day of the event in Sunset Park. The couple related this: “We decided to take a bike ride around Sunset Pond and find a perfect spot for a picnic. There were many pavilions with picnic tables we could have used, but we wanted to be old school with a picnic blanket. So we rode around and found this secluded bench. We could have just sat on the bench, but we laid the blanket out right in front of the bench. We enjoyed the cheeses and crackers and when we started cleaning up, I noticed a white thing under the bench. I thought it was garbage so I was going to grab it and throw it away, but as soon as I got closer I saw medallion! I freaked out! We’re typically out of town this week for our anniversary so we always miss this Fire Muster week! It was just a fluke that we picked that spot, we had never had a picnic there before!” For finding the medallion the Magnusons receive a prize pack worth more than $500 with gift certificates from Porter Creek Hardwood Grill, The Original Pancake House, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Crayola Experience, the Minnesota Zoo, Chinese Gourmet Restaurant and Red’s Savoy Pizza.

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