Apple Valley and Rosemount officers responded to a reported incident Saturday, Sept. 4, which police say ended up being a case of “swatting.”

Apple Valley officers were dispatched to the 14100 block of Flagstone Trail for a reported shooting just after 11 a.m. Sept. 4. Several officers from Rosemount and an armored vehicle also responded based on early information that was provided, an Apple Valley police news release said.

“As officers continued to gather information, it was determined this call was an example of “‘swatting’ and in fact, no assault had taken place. ‘Swatting’ is the act of making a fictitious 911 call in an attempt to prompt a large response of police, fire and EMS to a specific location. This dangerous behavior has, unfortunately, gained popularity in recent years,” the release said.

Police have released no further information about whether a suspect had been identified for making the fictitious call.

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