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Lois Doll, a retired library assistant from Rosemount, compete on Jeopardy on July 16.

Lois Doll was a library assistant at Shannon Park

Rosemount’s Lois Doll said it was “weird” watching herself on TV.

The retired library assistant who worked at Shannon Park Elementary School in Rosemount spent July 16 watching herself on Jeopardy.

“I watched it with my husband and one of my daughters and her family,” Doll said. “My daughter and granddaughters gave me a cake on which was written: ‘A: Grandma. Q: Who are we proud of?’”

While she didn’t win, she came back with many memorable experiences.

“It was so great to meet the crew and the other contestants. The crew is dedicated to preserving Alex Trebek’s legacy,” Doll said. “They want all the contestants to be successful and have an enjoyable experience. And all the other contestants I met, about a dozen, were very interesting and nice people, who came from all over the country.”

Like so many Jeopardy contestants, two of her favorite activities are reading and crossword puzzles.

She was inspired to try the 50-question general knowledge test online, the first step to getting on the show.

“Then some test-takers are invited to an audition where you take another 50-question test, play a short version of the game with others, and have a brief interview with the Jeopardy crew members like the host does on the show,” Doll said.

The auditions have been done in person in the past, but last fall, it was done via Zoom.

When she found on she was going to be on the show, she didn’t really do much to prepare because there’s really no way to know what the categories will be.

“I did look at current maps of the world in case there were geography questions, and researched things like who recent Heisman trophy and Stanley Cup winners were to try to augment my sports knowledge,” Doll said.

The actual show was filmed in April.

It was when COVID-19 numbers were higher, but she said “the crew was meticulous about COVID precautions, so it felt safe.”

Doll was in third going into the final question with $8,800 and she wagered it all.

She wrote “The Gutenberg Bible” as a response to ‘Completed around 1455, it sometimes gets another name because a famous copy was found in the library of Cardinal Mazarin.”

She was the only contestant to get the final answer correct bumping up her a total of $17,600.

“I wasn’t positive about the answer, but I thought it was a good guess because of the year referenced in the clue,” Doll said. “I was surprised that the other contestants didn’t get it right, because they were both great players.”

But, she was too far behind the leader Josh Saak, a traffic engineer from Boise, Idaho, who had $21,600 going into the final. Even though his final answer was incorrect, he wagered just $3,205.

There was nothing Doll could do.

It was also final day of George Stephanopoulos’ guest hosting stint.

“I think he did well,” Doll said. “He’s very personable.”

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