Cary J. Griffith has plans to expand Sam Rivers series

Cary J. Griffith has big plans for Sam Rivers.

“This actually seldom happens in publishing,” the Rosemount author said.

“Wolf Kill,” which will be released June 15, is a remake of his first novel called “Wolves.”

“We cut 10,000 words out,” Griffith said. “It’s got a whole new branding, a nicer cover, better title.”

“Wolf Kill” is the origin story of Sam Rivers, a special agent for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who uses his insights about the natural world to solve crimes that local law enforcement is ill-equipped to pursue.

“He solves crimes perpetrated by the animal species,” Griffith said. “He can see anomalies in the wolf kill that regular law enforcement wouldn’t catch.”

In the novel, Rivers returns to his childhood home following the news his estranged father died in a strange hunting accident in Defiance, Minn.

“He swore he would never come back to that ranch,” Griffith said.

Rivers befriends a local reporter who helps him investigate the “Wolf Kill.”

“He’s reclaiming his childhood,” Griffith said. “Diane, the reporter, helps him as they uncover a deeper crime. It’s a good way to introduce Sam and his origins and why he became special.”

Griffith isn’t done revisiting his old works.

Griffith’s second novel “Savage Minnesota,” the continuing adventures of Rivers, was serialized in the Star Tribune in 2014.

“It’s a story of an industrialist, who was allegedly attacked by a cougar in the Minnesota River Valley,” Griffith said. “The claw marks look like a cougar, but Sam notices some other anomalies.”

The rights have since reverted back to Griffith, who would now like to publish it as a book.

“When I started thinking about this, we came back and thought ‘Wolves’ was never marketed correctly, it needs some revising,” Griffith said. “So does ‘Savage Minnesota.’ ”

He’s currently revising the story into a whole new book, which will be titled “Cougar Claw.”

“The idea is that we publish four Sam Rivers mysteries,” Griffith said. “Two more are in the works.”

The next two will be titled “Killing Monarch” and “Dead Catch.”

Griffith has plenty to write about.

Since “stepping out of the corporate cube” a few years ago, Griffith has been writing full time.

His last release “Gunflint Burning: Fire in the Boundary Waters” from 2019 is a non-fiction book detailing the events of the 2007 Ham Lake forest fire.

“My next release is about the ‘Blowdown of ’99’ in the Boundary Waters,” Griffith said. “It’s like a prequel to ‘Gunflint Burning,’ on how the blowdown contributed to the burning. It’s tentatively called ‘Gunflint Falling.’ ”

For more information on how to buy “Wolf Kills” and his other works, visit www.carygriffith.com. “Wolf Kill” is also available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

 Next Chapter Booksellers will be hosting a brief book launch zoom event at 7 p.m. June 16.

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