Anonymous donor wanted to supports public officials

An anonymous donor has given the Rosemount Police Department $3,000 for its Wellness program, a service Rosemount Police Chief Mikael Dahlstrom is extremely grateful to have.

The donation was on Tuesday’s Rosemount City Council consent agenda, which is a list of items typically approved with one vote without discussion. It was pulled by Council Member Tammy Block hoping to hear more recognition for the Wellness program.

Dahlstrom said the department started a program where a licensed clinician provides six confidential therapy sessions per year.

Dahlstrom said one of the sessions is mandated.

“It’s a mental health check in to see how things are going,” Dahlstrom said.

He said they provide accelerated resolution therapy, which was created to help people who have experienced trauma.

“The general public sees one to three traumatic events in their life,” Dahlstrom said. “They say that police officers see anywhere from 100 to a 1,000 depending on the position they’re in and the length of their career.”

The stress from the instances has long term affects such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“If you treat it like you treat your physical health, it doesn’t have to be a disorder,” Dahlstrom said.

They also offer services to the families of officers.

“We are super excited,” Dahlstrom said. “It wouldn’t happen without the generosity of our citizens.”

He lamented that the individual wanted to remain anonymous.

“She was adamant that I not share her information, which shows the humility behind the donation.” Dahlstrom said. “She mentioned that she’s a longstanding member of the community and she very much appreciates the public service.

“Because of what’s gone on in the news the last few years, she just wanted to show how much the residents of Rosemount support their public service officials.”

She first suggested using the money for steak dinners, Dahlstrom said with a smile, but they figured it would be better used for the department’s Wellness program.

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