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An updated draft of a proposed new skatepark was shared with the Rosemount Parks and Recreation Commission earlier this week.

Plans include concrete features

The Rosemount Parks and Recreation Department is planning to replace its aging skate park next year.

Located in Schwarz Pond Park north of the Rosemount Community Center, the Rosemount Skate Park was first constructed in 2003.

While it features a half pipe, quarter pipe, grind ledge, and a bank ramp, fewer people have been using it in recent years.

“Obviously it’s getting old,” Parks and Recreation Director Dan Schultz said. “It’s outlived its life expectancy.”

Schultz said it’s served its purpose over the years.

“In talking with people, it’s because the equipment is old and the surface is not desirable,” Schultz said. “Once we get it updated, I think you’ll see more people out there. Skaters, bikers, people scooters, I think it will get a lot of use.”

Other local cities such as Eagan, Burnsville and Northfield have put in new skate parks and it’s time for Rosemount to do the same, he said.

City officials met with about 50 people last month to discuss potential concepts.

“We got quite a bit of feedback for the users,” Schultz said. “It was really surprising. We were happy with the turnout. One of the biggest things is the surface is asphalt and it’s starting to deteriorate. They would like something smoother like concrete to skate on.”

If they use concrete for the ramps and other equipment, it would require less maintenance and be better for the users, Schultz said.

“It’s smoother,” Schultz said. “When you wipe out you just slide across.”

The Parks and Recreation Department hopes to finalize plans over the next month before bringing it to the Parks and Recreation Commission again. It would need to be approved by the City Council.

Schultz said the department is still working on the estimate, but the expected cost has been in the budget for a few years.

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