In Eagan’s most recent community survey, most residents gave excellent or good ratings to Eagan as a place to live, in the overall quality of life and as a place to raise children.

Ninety-five percent of residents would recommend living in Eagan and plan to remain in Eagan for the next five years.

The National Community Survey is sent every other year to provide insight into what makes a community livable, attractive and a place where people want to be.

At least 9 in 10 residents gave positive ratings to the overall image or reputation of Eagan and the overall feeling of safety in the city.

Many of these ratings were higher than those given in other communities across the nation, in communities with populations and household incomes similar to Eagan’s, and to other Twin Cities-area communities.

“It’s gratifying to hear such positive regard from the Eagan community; stronger ratings affirm where we are performing particularly well, and others point us to things we can work on to improve our level of service to residents,” Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire said. “The survey, having been conducted in the midst of the pandemic, gives us particularly good insight to how well we’ve done as a city and community thus far, and what our most important assets will be as we look to turn the corner in coming months.”

Top priorities

Eagan residents rated the following categories as their top priority for the city to focus on over the next two years (percent of residents that rated essential or very important):

• Economy: 93

• Public safety: 93

• Natural environment: 93

• Parks and recreation: 89

• Infrastructure: 89

By the numbers:

Eagan residents ranked Eagan above national benchmarks in the following community characteristics (percent of residents that rated the characteristic excellent or good):

• Overall quality of life: 98

• As a place to live: 98

• Economic health: 92

• Feeling of safety: 94

• Quality of natural environment: 97

• Quality of parks and recreation opportunities: 96*

• Quality of infrastructure: 94*

• Health and wellness opportunities: 97

• Customer service: 96

• Government performance: 92

* Eagan was the top-rated community by their residents nationally in that category


The economy is a resident priority and also a community feature.

Almost all of Eagan’s economy-related ratings were higher or much higher than the national, peer communities, and Twin Cities benchmark comparisons. About 9 in 10 residents gave excellent or good ratings to the overall economic health of Eagan, the overall quality and variety of business and service establishments, economic development and shopping opportunities.

While community ratings remain high, the community also shared an increase in desire for focus on the economy over the next two years.

Eagan’s Natural Environment and Parks and Recreation continue to be highly rated community amenities that are important to residents.

Nearly all residents favorably rated the overall quality of the natural environment in Eagan, with about 9 in 10 rating this facet as essential or very important.

As in past years, ratings for most Natural Environment-related aspects of the community were exceptional, with over 9 in 10 survey respondents giving positive marks to the cleanliness of the city, water resources, and air quality. And 9 in 10 residents also rate the natural environment and parks and recreation as a priority.

As in past years, survey respondents gave above-average marks to all aspects of local government performance. Virtually all residents gave high marks to the overall customer service provided by Eagan employees (an increase since 2018).

About 9 in 10 gave excellent or good scores to the overall quality of services provided by the city, the overall direction that Eagan is taking, and public information services.

Eagan was a top-five rated community by its residents in: value of services for taxes paid; overall confidence in Eagan government; generally acting in the best interest of the community; being open and transparent to the public; and informing residents about issues facing the community.

About the survey

Every two years, Eagan partners with an independent research firm to conduct a scientific survey of residents. The National Community Survey allows the city to gauge residents’ perceptions, track results over time and make regional and national comparisons with 600 cities.

This year, surveys were sent to 2,700 random households in Eagan, and the city received 522 responses. The research firm used those responses to get a statistically valid sample for the community’s results. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 26,100 households and 66,372 (2019) residents in the city of Eagan.

Find the full results of the survey and a community presentation at

Connect with the city and find input opportunities at

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