police lights MT

A person was found dead in a Lakeville townhome with a firearm in close proximity to the body around 12:05 p.m. Friday, according to a release from Lakeville police.

Lakeville police were called to a fourplex townhome at 17716 Glasgow Way, where a person was found dead after a real estate agent entered the home that was empty and was for sale.

The deceased did not reside at the home and was a contractor hired to paint and perform other work on the property, according to Lakeville police.

Lakeville police said they are not currently seeking any suspects.

Lakeville police, Minnesota BCA Crime Scene Unit and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the incident. 

Lakeville police said that the fact that the victim did not reside in an empty home and other evidence found on the scene required additional investigation.

Lakeville police said roads that were blocked off during the investigation will open before 6 a.m. The residence is located east of the Crossroads commercial area at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Dodd Road. 

Due to news media helicopters flying over the investigation scene, Lakeville police communicated that the aircraft were not law enforcement's and there was no active ground search in progress. Lakeville police said there was no known threat to community safety.  

"Police are asking for the public’s patience in regard to information about this case. Scene investigation takes time. Until the scene investigation is complete, any release of information would be inappropriate," Lakeville police said. 

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