Each year Lakeville Area Schools presents Friends of Education Awards to honor outstanding individual contributions to the district. The awards recognize people whose service has been ongoing in one of four categories: Volunteer Service, Business Partnerships, Distinguished Service, and Education. Members of the Lakeville Area community are invited and encouraged to nominate people they think are deserving of these awards. The awards will be presented at the May 28 regular School Board meeting.

Nominees will be judged primarily on the significance of contributions to education in Lakeville Area Schools over the years. Nominees may be district employees or community members who have contributed to district schools, programs and services. The selection committee will consider if the nominee has:

• Made contributions above and beyond what is expected in the public school program;

• Contributed to one or more of the following: program development, staff morale, community support, student interest, learning environment, or general support for public education;

• Provided creative leadership in inspiring or motivating others to achieve or contribute to public education;

• Demonstrated continuing support for Lakeville Area Schools.

The qualifications will be considered collectively to ensure the people selected are recognized for their service to the entire district, rather than for one particular project or area of performance. Any staff or community member may nominate a candidate to receive a Friends of Education Award by completing a nomination form.

Nomination forms are available online beginning March 4 at bit.ly/FriendsOfEducationNominations2019 and must be submitted no later than Friday, March 29. Direct questions about the awards to Steph Kass, director of communication and public relations, at stephanie.kass@isd194.org.

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