New dean of students at Meadowview Elementary School

Nate Moudry is the new dean of students at Meadowview Elementary School in Farmington. He looks forward to getting to know students and families and becoming part of the collaborative team. 

When Nate Moudry saw the career job posting for Farmington Public Schools, he said the opportunity spoke to him.

Moudry, 43, was hired this summer to serve as the new dean of students at Meadowview Elementary in Farmington.

He found the posting in June, right around the time he and his wife were headed off on a romantic trip to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Moudry knew he would follow up when he returned home from vacation.

When he found out about the Farmington position, Moudry said “It was a position that I felt like talked to me and spoke to me.”

As a teacher in Lakeville for the last 19 years, Moudry taught in the classroom, coached middle school football and became a head varsity wrestling coach for years until 2013.

Moudry decided to pursue higher education and finish the administrative program in May 2018 at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

“I sat on it for a year and went back to teaching and enjoyed my summer off, and then I went back to teaching at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Lakeville,” he said.

Moudry taught third and four grades and spent 14 years teaching fifth grade.

“As far as teaching in elementary, I have loved being able to do that,” Moudry said.

Moudry was born and raised in Willmar. He studied in Sioux Falls, S.D., at Augustana College before it became a university.

Moudry, his wife and two children have made a home in Farmington for 15 years. His children attended Meadowview Elementary. Today his son and daughter go to middle school and Farmington High School.

“As the dean of students since it is the first of its type of position here at Meadowview, really it is going to be kind of a fluid position at first, and the defining of it will come as students come and we find what the needs are,” he said.

“For me, it is really supporting the philosophy and vision of Meadowview that is all about and student-centered learning,” Moudry said.

Because Meadowview Elementary is home to a large student population of around 700 students, the school has 100 to 150 students more other elementary schools in Farmington. This is why the district decided to add a dean of students, according to Becky Bican, Meadowview principal.

Riverview Elementary School in Farmington has a student body of around 775 and it has an assistant principal.

“Nate has been a great addition to our Meadowview staff already and he comes to us with a wealth of elementary teaching experience, so the age level of the students and many of the systems we have in place are already familiar to him,” Bican said.

“When serving a large student and staff population, there are just that many more pieces to juggle in an already busy role, and the addition of a dean of students at Meadowview will definitely help provide more support and availability for our large student, family and staff populations,” said Bican.

Since Moudry will not be coaching, he plans to have more time to attend more of his children’s hockey and lacrosse games.

Last week Moudry looked forward to meeting families at the back to school night. This week he was thrilled to help shepherd the new and returning students on the first day of school.

“Meadowview is a very welcoming community and this staff has been very welcoming, and I can tell the teams here are very connected and not only connected to each other but we have worked for the first few weeks together and I can tell they are really good to the families here,” he said.

Bican said: “Along with the rest of the Meadowview office staff, we make a strong team and we share a common vision, but we are also different in many ways and it makes for a great balance.”

Moudry added: “I feel very blessed to be a part of the staff and the neat thing about this role is that some of the families I know and literally some of them are our neighbors that we have gotten to know over the last 15 years.”

“I am really excited to get to know students and families and that process of becoming an integral part of Meadowview life, and truly I am just super humbled by the opportunity. I think these positions are really servant positions and we want to be more of a service to support what great work is already going on here. I really want to be a part of continuing the good work that has happened before me.”

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