Farmington School District Interim Superintendent Jason Berg

Jason Berg

Interim Farmington Schools Superintendent Jason Berg offered his first update during this week's Nov. 25 School Board meeting.

“This is super exciting and I guess my big update is my transition into my new role and whether people out in TV land are aware or not, superintendent (Jay) Haugen retired a week ago Friday so last week was our first week," Berg said.

"Last week was our first opportunity to figure out how to manage the work flow a little bit and we survived the first week and that is good news,” Berg added. 

Berg has been working to transition into the leadership role for a few months since District 192 Superintendent Jay Haugen announced his retirement in July and retired Nov. 15.

As part of his report, Berg said that District 192 recently earned a higher bond rating. 

“When we went through the bonding process for the ISC (Instructional Services Center), we went after to see if we could re-rate our bonds, and we did get that enhanced rating and that is good news that our rating went up,” Berg said. 

“That is good news and is based on our growing community and our strong, unrestricted fund balance that they look at, and I know the board worked hard to create that fund balance policy, and to stay within that,” Berg said.

Giving an update from the public engagement committee, Berg said there is ongoing work on the strategic plan that will be coming to an end and is slated to be completed in January. The plan will be to break the district's strategic plan into pieces.

“It is not just me doing this but we are using some of the action team leaders to give a wider breadth of what is it and what does it mean and what is the creation behind it," Berg said. 

Berg told board members he plans to meet this Wednesday with Farmington City Administrator David McKnight and Adam Kienberger, community development director.

The agenda will include discussion about putting together a second Realtor informational session before the holiday break in December. The first Realtor session was hosted this summer.

Berg said this business event will offer area Realtors a chance to gather information about the city, the school district and all the schools. It will be beneficial for them to tour school buildings with students in class.

The work continues on how to best tell the school district's story while including specific data and metrics, Berg said. 

This district story can be posted on the district's website as a one page informational piece and can be ongoing to go more in depth, Berg said.

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