Farmington Police Department

Previous administrative job

reinstated to city budget

Farmington Police Department will reinstate a new administrative role to better manage the ever-increasing complexity of police work.

Since 2000, Farmington’s population has nearly doubled. The population came in at 12,000 in 2000, and then the police department employed 13 sworn police officers and administrative staff consisted of 2.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff, including a civilian supervisor and two records staff.

“By 2006, Farmington had grown to 20,000 people and the police department grew with it, and our sworn staff grew to 22 officers, and we added one FTE to our records staff,” said Jim Constantineau, deputy chief of police for Farmington Police Department.

The administrative sergeant was added to the police department in 2008, due to changes in technology and reporting requirements. That was when Constantineau was promoted to that administrative role.

By the year 2013, the police officer count increased to 25, but the administrative and records staff was reduced to three FTEs. The administrative supervisor moved to part-time until retiring at the end of 2015. Then the public reported to the administrative sergeant who also supervised the police records division.

In 2020, city leadership promoted Constantineau to become the deputy police chief. 

“With the police department reporting structure, not only does the administrative division report to the deputy chief so do all six sergeants, it has become clear that for the betterment of the department one of the three civilian administrative staff be promoted to a supervisory position,” he said.

“I have spoken at length with (police) Chief Rutherford about this, and we both agree that this promotion is an integral part of the department’s succession plan,” said Constantineau.

“I analyzed the duties currently being done by one member of the records staff, and developed a job description for the supervisory position,” he said.

Farmington Human Resources Director Jennifer Gabbard sent the request to be evaluated and classified, and analysis found the position salary should be the same as the previous administrative supervisor. After discussion with City Administrator David McKnight, the position for administrative services manager was posted internally.

Sondra Baar, a longtime employee who has worked in the police department, applied for the position of administrative services manager. “Ms. Baar has been a valued employee for this department for the last 14 years and is highly qualified for this position,” Constantineau said.

The administrative position will be compensated at $36.16 an hour, Funding for the promotion is included in the 2022 police administrative budget.

Farmington City Council was scheduled to approve this agenda item this week, but the regular council meeting was cancelled due to a lack of quorum. The city council will review it during the next council meeting on Monday, Nov. 1.

If approved, the job reclassification will take effect Nov. 1.

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