GoFundMe account active now

to support family, pay medical bills    

Farmington second-grader Ben Dapper smiled wide when he rode on his father's shoulders across the ice at the Schmitz-Maki Arena in the early morning of Sunday, Jan. 9 while hundreds cheered him on and showed how the community will be there in spirit to support this young boy and his family since this week he will tackle cancer for the second time.

Ben is the son of Farmington natives, Nathan and Brigitte Dapper and the brother of Matthew and Isaac. Nathan works as an assistant hockey coach for the Farmington Tigers.

The community expressed support with hugs, words of encouragement and private prayers.

This rally served as the last time this season Ben will be able to practice with fellow teammates and have fun skating on the ice in his hometown. 

Ben, 6, heads to the hospital in the morning of Monday, Jan. 10, when he will begin four to six weeks of intensive biopsies and chemotherapy. This will become part of the game plan treatment for the next two years.

Hundreds of community members yelled out Ben's name and cheered loudly in support when he skated with hockey buddies and stood in the center of the ice with his family. 

Farmington High Boys and Girls Hockey teams, cheerleaders and Farmington High Bands brought the beat of Tiger pride to fill the arena with optimism and music that did not drown out the shouts of support.

Hockey teams circled around Ben holding their Tiger hockey sticks high in the air as a sign of love and solidarity.

The ice arena stands were full of families and posters with encouraging sentiments like "Fight Like a Tiger," "Brave Ben" and "We Love the Dappers" were hung around the hockey rink perimeter.

This will be Ben's second battle with cancer since he fought off leukemia back in 2018 when he was only five years old.

A GoFundMe account is active now to raise funds that will contribute to medical expenses. Connect at www.gofundme.com/f/brave-ben-dapper. To date, the community has given more than $11,000 to support the Dapper family during the medical journey.  

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