The League of Minnesota Cities has recognized 34 state lawmakers, including Reps. Sandra Masin and Laurie Halverson and Sen. Jim Carlson, as 2019 Legislators of Distinction. Chosen legislators are honored for specific actions that aided efforts of Minnesota cities during the past year’s legislative session.

Legislators of Distinction are approved annually by the league’s board of directors in recognition of the collaboration of state and city officials needed to successfully serve shared communities and meet the unique needs of rural, urban, and suburban residents across Minnesota.

To be eligible for the award, legislators must achieve one or more of the following criteria:

• Be generally and reasonably accessible to league representatives

• Seek input on issues of importance to cities

• Listen to league concerns and be receptive to League-provided information on issues

• Sponsor and/or support league initiatives

• Speak out on behalf of the interest of cities

• Demonstrate the importance of partnership between the state and cities

Masin carried league-initiated legislation that would have repealed the local government salary cap. She consistently spoke in favor of local decision-making authority and regularly asked for the league’s position on issues.

Halverson consistently worked with league staff on her legislative proposals and is a steadfast proponent of city priorities and local control.

Carlson authored a league-initiated bill that would have provided dedicated funding for non-municipal state aid (MSA) streets in MSA cities and for the Small Cities Assistance Account. He also coauthored a bill that would have provided new authority to cities to implement street improvement districts.

Award winners received a letter of appreciation and a certificate.

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