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Post 594 member Frank Atkinson guides three Girl Scouts in folding an unserviceable flag.

Daniel R. Olsen American Legion Post 594 and Auxiliary Unit 594 facilitated a Flag Education and Disposal Ceremony Oct. 8 at the Thomas Lake Park pavilion in Eagan.

This event was supported by members of the Eagan Girl Scouts and their family members.

Before beginning flag education, Post 594 and Auxiliary 594 recognized four Girl Scouts for their assistance at this year’s “9/11 Remembrance” at the Eagan Tribute Plaza.

These four Girl Scouts played a significant role leading the attendees in the reciting of the “Pledge of Allegiance” and then the singing of “God Bless America.”

“Their actions directly contributed to the American Legion pillar of Americanism and the Girl Scouts of the USA value of Citizenship through Civic Engagement,” Post 594 Cmdr. John Flynn said.

As a result of their actions, Girl Scouts were awarded the American Legion Americanism Medal and provided with a joint Certificate of Commendation from the Post 594 commander and Unit 594 president, as well as a certificate that authorized the awarding of this medal.

The event moved into a presentation on flag history and etiquette, and how to recognize when a flag is no longer serviceable.

Two post members showed everyone how to inspect a flag and how to treat a flag when it becomes unserviceable. The Girl Scouts and their families were then shown how to fold a flag, while the meaning of each fold of the flag was explained by a member of the auxiliary.

Each family had a separate table to maintain social-distancing and a bag of flags. They then inspected and folded flags together. Once this was completed, a respectful ceremony for disposing the flags was held by the post members.

More than 300 flags were inspected with 11 being identified as still serviceable. These flags will be donated to the city, local schools or residents.

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