Chipotle to open in Lakeville

Senator Matt Little’s tweet in 2015 about bringing Chipotle to Lakeville. 

Construction to begin this spring

Those wanting more casual fast dining in Lakeville will be one step closer to one of the most recognized popular Mexican restaurants.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is headed this way and is the first tenant to be located in a new commercial building at the intersection of Kenwood Trail and Kenrick Avenue near I-35.

The building was home to a former medical clinic and construction is expected to begin in the next several weeks.

Chipotle will take 2,200 square feet and will sit 36 guests inside with an additional 28 seats on an outdoor patio.

Minnesota Sen. Matt Little has been hoping for a Chipotle to come to Lakeville since his role as mayor. In May 2015, Little tweeted saying Lakeville deserves a Chipotle restaurant. The tweet said, “Want a Chipotle in Lakeville? Retweet this so @ChipotleTweets knows that the greatest city in Minnesota still needs a Chipotle!”

“When I first got elected mayor there were three things people talked to me about: Chipotle, fixing the streets and lowering taxes. That’s how it started because so many people were asking when can we get a Chipotle, so I did a little media campaign to try to get them to pay attention,” Little said.

The tweet was favorited and retweeted thousands of times. Two months later Little tweeted out a link to a YouTube video of him asking Chipotle out on a date. During the 18-second video, Little asks to show Chipotle the town and to get a burrito.

Little adds a Chipotle site selector contacted him but there was not any available space at that time. Three years later, a suitable space has become available.

Restaurants and fast food are among the many developments currently happening in Lakeville. Little says that Lakeville is able to have independent restaurants as well as popular chains.

“I think both are welcome and that’s part of the greatness of our city,” he said.

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