Suspect ‘acting strangely’ before alleged murder

Ricky Eloy Ramirez

Texas man charged in Burnsville hotel shooting 

A Texas man who reportedly came to Minnesota last week to work is now charged with second-degree murder in a fatal July 23 shooting at a Burnsville hotel.

Ricky Eloy Ramirez, 24, of Houston, allegedly shot 37-year-old Sheldon Jeremy Williams, of South Carolina, on the second floor of the Burnsville Inn and Suites at Burnsville Parkway and Aldrich Avenue.

Shot six times, Williams died at the scene, the Hennepin County medical examiner said. Hotel surveillance video captured the shooting, according to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office.

Ramirez arrived in Minnesota on July 21 with his father and girlfriend, who all stayed at the hotel and began jobs on July 22, the father told Burnsville police.

That day Ramirez started acting strangely, his father and girlfriend told police.

“Defendant had a gun and said he believed someone was trying to get him and he was concerned about the government coming after him,” said a summary of the criminal complaint from the county attorney’s office.

Ramirez was acting paranoid and told his father he believed his co-workers were talking about him and someone was chasing after him at work, it said. His father told police he didn’t believe the stories.

Ramirez’s girlfriend was with him in the hotel room on July 23 but left shortly before the shooting, which occurred shortly before 6:25 p.m. After leaving the room she heard four to six gunshots and left the hotel.

“She described the defendant as typically ‘chill’ and respectful and could not account for his behavior before the shooting,” the summary said.

Responding officers found Ramirez standing with a handgun near his feet, talking on a cell phone. While being handcuffed, Ramirez said “right door last end, they have an AR and they have 100 more,” the summary said.

When they asked who had been shot, Ramirez allegedly said, “Him right there. I shot him.”

Officers looked down the hall to where Williams was lying next to a pool of blood, appearing to have been shot in the head.

Hotel surveillance video showed Ramirez walking around the second-floor hallway near Williams’ room.

“When the victim exited his room, defendant fired a gun multiple times and the victim dropped to the ground,” the summary said. “On the video, it did not appear the victim had a weapon of any kind in his hands when he exited the room before being shot by defendant.”

Police found a loaded handgun magazine in Ramirez’s pocket.

Ramirez’s father wasn’t at the hotel when the shooting occurred and learned about it from his son’s girlfriend, the summary said.

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