Included in this year’s street projects 

This year’s round of annual street projects in Burnsville will include a much-requested pedestrian crossing on Lac Lavon Drive at Crystal Lake Road East next to Lac Lavon Park.

The crossing is part of $3.84 million in reclamation and rehabilitation projects planned for the Orchard and Southcross Woods areas and Lac Lavon Drive in south Burnsville.

The City Council voted Tuesday to order the improvements and advertise for bids.

“We’ve received many requests over the years to add a pedestrian crossing at this location,” Assistant City Engineer John Schmeling told the council. “And in 2020 we did a traffic study that found that traffic was very close to warranting this per our current crossing policy.”

The nearest pedestrian crossings are a good distance away, Schmeling said. One is at Keller Lake Road in Burnsville and the other at Isleton Trail in Lakeville.

“It’s something people wanted in this area for awhile,” he said.

The striped crossing will include pedestrian-crossing and stop signs and concrete pedestrian ramps.

Street rehabilitation is planned for Lac Lavon Drive from Maywood Drive to County Road 42. Rehabilitation includes resurfacing of existing pavement by mill and overlay, replacement of damaged or failing curb and gutter, and sanitary and storm sewer repairs.

Street reclamation is planned for the Orchard and Southcross Woods area. Reclamation includes full-depth pavement replacement with new asphalt and a new or recycled gravel base, subgrade corrections as needed, replacement of damaged or failing curb and gutter, sanitary sewer repairs and storm sewer repairs and upgrades.

The Orchard project will include parts of Earle Shores Lane, 149th Street West, Cherry Court, Cherry Lane, Crystal Lake Road West, Hillside Lane, Oak Ridge Circle, Oak Ridge Court East, Oak Ridge Court West, Orchard Drive, Hillside Court and Earle Way.

The Southcross Woods project will include parts of April Place, Autumn Place, Maywood Drive, Rosewood Lane and Springhill Drive.

The projects will be funded through the city’s infrastructure trust fund ($1.88 million), special assessments ($780,000), water and sewer utility funds ($740,000) and stormwater utility funds ($440,000).

A bid award and public hearing on final assessments are scheduled for April 20. Construction will run from April to October.

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