Retiring District 191 School Board Member and former district administrator DeeDee Currier whipped up a Top 10 list to mark her departure from more than 30 years of service.

No. 10 was a shout-out to Green Bay Packers linebacker Kamal Martin, a product of Sioux Trail Elementary, Metcalf Middle School and Burnsville High School.

Further up the list were the district’s heroic split-shift completion of the school year after an arsonist torched the high school in April 1994 and her tribute to the Community Education department.

No. 1? “Each student. Future Ready. Community Strong,” she said, quoting the district’s modern-day branding slogan.

Board members said goodbye at their Dec. 10 meeting to Currier and Board Member Darcy Schatz, who didn’t seek re-election in November.

“Your wit is just spot on and exactly what we have needed, particularly in the last couple of years,” Chair Abigail Alt told Schatz.

Schatz recalled seeking Alt’s counsel before her only run for the board, in 2016, and being told the district runs fairly smoothly.

Then she won election. “I kind kept waiting for things to calm down but they only got worse, so I can only conclude I’m the Typhoid Mary of the School Board” and calmer times are ahead, Schatz said.

“I look forward to continue cheerleading of 191 as a civilian,” she said.

Currier joined the district as principal of Gideon Pond Elementary in 1987. Her last, longest assignment was as principal of Sioux Trail from 2000 to 2008, when she retired and was elected to the first of three board terms.

With her departure the board should retire Currier’s “historian” label because no one else can fill it, Schatz said.

“I’m pretty sure that Minnesota had just achieved statehood when you arrived in Burnsville? No, I’m just kidding,” Board Member Eric Miller told Currier.

“What’s most impressive for someone that has been around this district so long and all the change this district has been through, you have always provided a comfortable connection to that historical record, but ... you have changed with that change. And you have accepted that change and grown with that change. That is something a considerable amount of our community has struggled with over time.”

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