Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless has granted Breakthrough Ministries of Burnsville $6,200 to provide more meals to those in need.

Funding from Open Your Heart will provide the Breakthrough Ministries with a new combination refrigerator/freezer trailer. Breakthrough Ministries serves the homeless and people experiencing extreme poverty. Since 2009, its has been providing meals to the homeless, operating in various venues throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. With a combination refrigerator/freezer trailer, Breakthrough Ministries can provide hot cooked mobile meals to unsheltered homeless individuals in Burnsville.

Open Your Heart looks for gaps in funding of services based on geographic or demographic considerations and reaches out to agencies serving those communities. It supports programs in communities where many traditional funders do not reach – volunteer run domestic violence shelters, homeless programs in sparsely served remote corners of the state, inner city programs dedicated to serving the poorest among us, and hunger programs serving clientele with special needs. Its primary goal is to ensure that front line providers of crisis services have the tools, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to carry out their work.

Grants are awarded on a bi-monthly basis and are considered only through the application process. Applications can be obtained at


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