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People gave away hundreds of Halo Top Pops recently in Minneapolis. A similar giveaway is scheduled for Sept. 14 in Rosemount.

Hundreds of cases will be given away Sept. 14

Ice cream trucks have passed through neighborhoods before, but there’s never been anything like this in Rosemount.

Hundreds of ice cream bars will be given away starting at 4 p.m. Sept. 14 in the Rosemount Community Center south parking lot.

A a semi-truck filled with 20 pallets of Halo Top ice cream pops will be given away, so start clearing out some freezer space.

“There’s no strings,” said Bill Goodwin, lead pastor at Lighthouse Christian Church, who is helping organize the event. “One case is the minimum.”

The event is sponsored by Lighthouse Christian Church, Ruby’s Pantry and Twin Cities Church Calendar along with the Rosemount police and fire departments.

“This is just a blessing for the community,” Goodwin said. “Maybe you take a few cases, but you know a few people who could really use some ice cream right now. Bring them home and pass them out. It’s been a tough few months for everybody. Let’s put a smile on their face.”

All are welcome.

“As a church, one of our core values is radical generosity,” Goodwin said. “Freely we received, freely we will give.”

How did they get so much ice cream?

Ruby’s Pantry gathers surplus food and bumper crops so it doesn’t go to waste, and gives it away.

Goodwin said Ruby’s Pantry came across 38 semi-trucks filled with Halo Top ice cream pops ready to donate. The company is going through some changes, he said. The pops have been discontinued.

“They didn’t want to just throw it all away,” Goodwin said. “This is all really good ice cream.”

For the past few days, the pops have been given away at various stops throughout the Twin Cities, but this is the only stop South of the River at this point, he said.

They have several volunteers helping distribute the ice cream from the Rosemount Area Arts Council and area churches.

Those who want the ice cream should drive to the south parking lot, stay in their vehicle and wear a mask. They will be asked how many cases they want. The cases will then be placed in either in the trunk or back seat to minimize contact.

People are asked to be patient.

Lines may get long, and it may take a few minutes for volunteers to figure out the most efficient way to distribute the goods.

Flavors include strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter swirl, mint chocolate chip and cookie dough, but each pallet is different, so they can’t take orders.

Halo Top is a low calorie, high protein ice cream that has about 60 calories per pop. They may not be as filling as some ice cream treats, so don’t hesitate to grab a few extra.

The minimum is one case, and each case has 36 bars.

Organizers partnered with the Rosemount Fire Department and Police to help with traffic flow.

They’re hoping to get the spread to word far and wide to make sure all the ice cream finds a home.

“We have some organizations that have the capacity and freezer space to take a large quantity of ice cream,” Goodwin said. “(Rosemount Senior Living) is taking a quantity to distribute to locations for senior citizens. Other churches and food pantries are taking some too. We have a lot of ice cream to give away in three hours.”

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