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Panera Bread is presently located in the Southport Centre, 15052 Gleason Path in Apple Valley.

A set of revised plans to build a new home for the Apple Valley Panera Bread have gotten the OK from city officials.

The City Council approved new plans during its April 22 meeting related to razing the vacant Apple Valley Bakers Square Restaurant & Pies building and constructing a 4,300-square-foot building on the same site in the Southport Center, 15200 Cedar Ave.

In 2019, the council approved plans for demolishing the existing 5,738-square-foot Bakers Square restaurant and constructing a new 4,820-square-foot building with drive-thru window service on the 1.28 acre site. Baker’s Square closed its doors that same year, and since then the building has been vacant.

Panera Bread is presently located at 15052 Gleason Path in Apple Valley. The city said in 2019 that Panera had been looking for an alternative site to move to because it believed the drive-thru is a valuable asset to continue its operations.

According to the city, after the City Council’s first approval of the project in 2019, no building permit was issued and the use allowed by the conditional use permit was never completed or used within one year. So, those approvals became null and void.

The newly approved project is similar to the previous one, except the new Panera Bread building is just over 500-square-feet smaller than the proposed building in the first plans.

The latest project calls for the building to have two 12-foot drive-thru window lanes on the east and north side that will merge into one lane along the west side of the building. Eight new parking spaces will be added.

There will also be a 30-seat outdoor dining area with pedestrian access from Cedar Avenue to the building’s entrance.

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