Two Apple Valley businesses could be getting building expansions if they receive the final city approvals.

The Apple Valley Planning Commission recommended approval of plans related to building additions for U-Haul Apple Valley and Cowboy Jack’s during its Jan. 5 meeting following public hearings for both items.


U-Haul Apple Valley is proposing to construct a 12,230-square-foot building at its existing 3.08-acre site at 6895 151st St. The business is at the southeast corner of Galaxie Avenue and County Road 42 and has been there since 1999.

The business presently operates a self-storage, vehicle and equipment rental, and exterior storage area for customer vehicles at the property.

The plans call for the building addition to be constructed on the western side of the lot where exterior storage of customer vehicles is the current use. The proposed building would be used for housing a U-Haul portable storage product called a “U-Box.” The U-Box is dropped off at a customer location where they fill the box with items they wish to store. The U-Box is then picked up by U-Haul and stored in its building.

“To access their items, the customer must request that the U-Box be delivered to a suitable location and may not be accessed on site,” the Jan. 5 city report states. “The inability to access the stored customer materials on site is the primary difference between this product and a full self-storage facility. A condition of approval is that U-Boxes shall not be accessed by customers on site.”

The site access would remain on 151st Street and all truck maneuvering would be required to occur on the site, according to the city.

Another condition required by the city is that the exterior storage of customer vehicles such as RVs, boats, etc. will no longer be permitted on the site.

Cowboy Jack’s

Cowboy Jack’s is requesting to amend an planned development to reduce the setback along low traffic roadways from 30 feet to 20 feet to allow for the construction of a 328-square-foot building addition.

The restaurant is a newer addition to Apple Valley, opening in spring 2021 in the former Old Chicago building at 14998 Glazier Ave., near the northeast corner of Cedar Avenue and County Road 42.

“The applicant seeks to construct a building addition that will allow for smoke house cooking and a pickup window for to-go food orders on the eastern side of the existing building,” the Jan. 5 city report says.

The city said an ordinance amendment was the only path to allow the reduced setback being requested by Cowboy Jack’s.

According to the city, the building addition is proposed to be constructed to look like a train car is attached to the building “paying homage to the cowboy theme.”

“Additional train themed murals and accents are also proposed to add architectural flair to the facade,” the report says.

There is no parking requirement for the addition because it is too small by code standards and does not add any more customer seating, the city said.

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