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The city of Apple Valley is having its Economic Development Authority take a lead role in developing, launching and administering a relief grant program for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The financial resources are expected to come to the EDA from the city if approved by the City Council on Aug. 13. The EDA plans to initially use $400,000 of the roughly $4 million the city is receiving from the federal coronavirus relief bill CARES Act, said Community Development Director Bruce Nordquist.

Nordquist said a maximum grant for a business would be $10,000. The grants are meant to reimburse business expenses directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“An estimated 40 grants would be possible if each business qualified for a maximum grant amount,” he said.

The eligible expenses could include capital improvements made or planned in the next several weeks; acquiring personal protective equipment; staff additions to manage safety procedures and heightened sanitizing; reopening marketing expenses and other expenses not reimbursed by other state, county and insurance business programs that focus on operating expenses, payroll, lease, rent or mortgage payments and taxes, Nordquist said.

Nordquist said smaller businesses, particularly those with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees and restaurants or retail in the downtown are a high priority for the grants.

The program details still have to be worked out with a staff and EDA member subcommittee in the next few weeks, Nordquist said.

– Patty Dexter

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