Brad Wiersum has announced that he is seeking a second term as mayor of Minnetonka to leverage his experience and continue the city’s pandemic recovery while emphasizing premier city services, fiscal excellence, well-planned growth, diversity and inclusion, sustainability and ongoing regional leadership.

In announcement, Wiersum reflected on the challenges that the city faced this past year, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic hardship, as well as the racial unrest in the city and region. He noted how the city adjusted its business model and maintained its commitment to excellence without diminishing its pursuit of improvements that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Wiersum said he strongly believes in two key governance principles. First is the importance of non-partisanship in local government. Second is the necessity for Minnetonka to lead at the regional and state level. Consistent with that, Wiersum is president of the League of Minnesota Cities, a past president of the Metropolitan Association of Municipalities and serves as treasurer and board member of the West Hennepin Affordable Housing Land Trust.

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