Westwood Hills Nature Center earns national award for innovation in park design - 1

A new interpretive center in St. Louis Park has won a national award. (Submitted photo)

Westwood Hills Nature Center, 8300 W. Franklin Ave. in St. Louis Park, received the Innovation in Park Design Award from the National Recreation and Parks Association for the new interpretive center building.

This award recognizes and showcases parks and recreation agencies that manage a unique park or facility that embraces innovative technology, strategies or programs to improve the community.

The 13,500-square-foot interpretive center includes an exhibit space, three multipurpose rooms, a conference room, three raptor mews and office space. It’s designed as a zero-energy building, with the goal of gathering as much energy as it uses through sustainable features and energy-efficient technologies such as geothermal wells, photovoltaic panels, passive solar and wind, building position and others methods. It’s designed to be a destination for visitors from around the region, both as a teaching tool for nature and for sustainability.

Visit www.stlouispark.org/whnc for more information.

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