Adam Seidel, Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy, Aaron Casper and Veronica Stoltz have received the highest vote totals in the race for four seats on the Eden Prairie School Board. 

According to unofficial results from the Secretary of State, Seidel, an incumbent, received 2,248 votes (16.39%), Dwivedy received 2,065 votes (15.05%), Casper got 2,071 votes (14.73%) and Stoltz received 1,382 votes (10.07%).

A total of 10 candidates are seeking election to four at-large seats on the board.

Rounding out the vote totals were:

Erin Barstad - 976

Albert Born - 365

Fadumo Hassan - 1,031

Aaron Orwick - 1,276

Krystal Queen - 976

Esra Riggs - 1,356

Current board members Karla Bratrud and Dave Espe did not filed for re-election.

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