Sabes JCC offers mermaid class in St. Louis Park - 1

Mermaid class instructor Heather Jensen poses in costume with participant Sophie Clinard. The Sabes Jewish Community Center will offer a new mermaid class four times this summer. (Submitted photo)

The Sabes Jewish Community Center will offer a mermaid class 2:30-4 p.m. Saturday, June 15; Saturday, July 13; Wednesday, July 17; and Saturday, Aug. 10.

Mermaids-in-training receive basic swimming skills before transitioning into using a fin. A trained mermaid instructor will teach safe fin use and proper breathing while swimming. Swim sessions incorporate movement skills, fitness, pool entries and exits, dolphin dives, spins, turns and mermaid games. There will be time during the class for self-exploration and games, including diving for treasures at the bottom of the deep end.

Once a mermaid or merman is comfortable using the tails, a certification will be given. Certification will allow swimmer to use tails during any evening. Only certified mermaids will be allowed to use mermaid fins and tails during public swim time. This is not guaranteed in one class.

Prerequisites include comfortability in deep water, the ability to blow bubbles out of one’s nose, the ability to float for at least 30 seconds on one’s back and 30 seconds on one’s front, the ability to kick with one’s head out of water, rolling abilities and the ability to swim at least 25 yards.

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