Burnet Fine Art & Advisory’s newest exhibition “Response” showcases a selection of new works by St. Paul artist Anne Labovitz. The exhibition runs through Nov. 28 at the Burnet gallery, 775 Lake St. E., Wayzata. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment. Info: burnetart.com. According to Labovitz, the exhibition is a direct response to her time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each work was titled the day it was completed, marking her time alone. In March, Labovitz had COVID-19 and was secluded in her bedroom. “Immediately following, I felt the pressing need to create and respond,” the artist said. “Urgency can be seen in the fierceness of color and the feeling of my mark making. My response comes from my intense solitude. I was considering what was happening in the world and my role in it.” (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


“Response,” the latest art exhibition at Burnet Fine Art & Advisory in Wayzata, features works by St. Paul artist Anne Labovitz. According to the artist, the exhibition investigates the intimacy of color and space. “For me, color is a personal reflection, a language that crosses boundaries and can connect us,” she said. “I believe color is a life force. These works are about hope for the future; for a connection between people as we struggle through current complexities.” (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


Two works by artist Anne Labovitz. “, 2020,” left, and “, 2020.” (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)

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