Metropolitan Mosquito Control District trucks and helicopters will be out in neighborhoods and parks and with more people at home, they may be more visible this year.

Warmer weather means that mosquito season is quickly approaching, and district personnel will be out conducting surveillance and treatment activities to reduce the risk of disease and annoyance in an environmentally-sensitive manner.

Each year, the field staff monitors and treats wetlands that breed mosquitoes with a fleet of trucks and helicopters. The difference in 2020 is that due to the stay-at-home order and other precautions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, more people may be home to notice MMCD activities in local neighborhoods and parks.

At times, district employees may need to cross private property for access to check and treat areas for mosquito larvae. Mosquito control staff will practice social distancing, wearing masks when near people and working individually as often as possible. MMCD management asks the community to stay at least 6 feet away from field staff and ensure children and pets are kept at a distance.

For questions about mosquito control activities or concerns about an employee, call MMCD at 651-645-9149 or visit

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