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Elim Shores resident Eunice Ashbaugh with Mobility-4-All driver Ketti Histon.

Cassia, which provides housing, health care and community services to older adults, has partnered with Mobility 4 All to give older adults transportation.

Mobility 4 All (also called MO) began providing rides to income-qualified residents through its MO Access Fund from a Department of Human Services grant. After the grant funding ended, Cassia created a new pilot program at Elim Shores in Eden Prairie.

Now, the communities of Cornerstone Assisted Living in Plymouth, Haven Homes in Maple Plain and Okalee in Medina will launch rides by Mobility 4 All. Residents can access rides for medical appointments and local outings.

Elim Shores resident Eunice Ashbaugh usually drives herself to appointments, except when there’s snow on the ground. This winter she used the service to see her doctor and dentist.

“The drivers escorted me to the car and saw that I got safely in,” she said. “Both were friendly and we had a good time conversing!”

MO provides more than just essential medical rides. They offer services more similar to what a family member would provide, whether it is a trip to a visit to a friend or assistance carrying in groceries.

“We created Mobility 4 All to serve in the same way we would treat our own parents. It’s more than a ride, it’s where care and safety come first,” says MO Co-founder and CEO Sebastien Tavernas. “We partner with communities like Cassia to enhance the quality of residents’ lives.”

Mobility 4 All has provided more than 5,000 residents rides during the pandemic without incident. The organization has pledged to meet all CDC guidelines to keep riders safe. Because MO does not require an app or a smart phone, it is much easier for older adults to use. In fact, residents only need to make a phone call to request a ride.

To register or schedule a ride, residents of senior living communities call to register and schedule their rides. For more information, call 612-412-4321 or go mobility4all.com.

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