A media and entertainment swap is scheduled 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22, at the St. Louis Park Recreation Center Banquet Room, 3700 Monterey Drive.

The city is hosting the inaugural event. Attendees may place items they bring to the swap on marked tables and then browse items brought by other attendees. There is no cost to attend, and residents of any city may attend.

All items must be in usable condition. The swap includes books, albeit not damaged items that are unreadable due to missing pages or other damage or textbooks that are older than 10 years. Board games, puzzles, video games and hand-held electronic games will be accepted but not puzzles with missing pieces or video game consoles.

Movies on VHS, DVD or Blu-ray will be accepted but not home-recorded items, VCRs or DVD players.

CDs, vinyl records, cassettes and battery-operated CD players are allowed but not home-recorded items such as mix-tapes or CDs, or or stereos.

Items may not be dropped off early. Items remaining at the end of the event will be donated or recycled.

Info: Emily Barker, recycling@stlouispark.org or 952-924-2187

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