To the Editor:

Five months of rigorous campaigning culminated in a very narrow loss for my campaign. I lost by 289 votes in an election in which just over 12,000 people voted in the Plymouth City Council race from Ward 1.

I appreciate everyone who voted for me, my team of volunteers, and generous contributions from donors. Needless to say, my family stood behind me like a rock throughout this process.

While I did not win, I heard voters loud and clear. Close to 6,000 (nearly 50%) voters valued the platform I ran on – diversity, environmental initiatives, making Plymouth a better city, and educational equity. Plymouth has come a long way, but we know we have work to do to ensure it is a city of opportunity for all and where all our neighbors feel that they have a voice at the table.

My work is not done and our work together as a community is not done. More and more, the residents of Plymouth are asking for change. Let’s not lose focus, and more importantly, let’s not give up on the issues which are dear to us.

While the City Council is currently focusing on infrastructure, services and housing, residents would like to see the council take on challenges associated with issues-based governance. It needs to set a forward-thinking vision for the city, different from the current one and in line with the voices of its residents. Supporters and residents have indicated that they are ready to see change. We are committed to having our voices heard, and work with the council, to move the city of Plymouth forward. I urge the council to listen to its constituents. Paraphrasing former Congress woman Shirley Chisholm, if they don’t give us a seat at the table, we’ll bring a folding chair.

Milind Sohoni


Milind Sohoni ran against Alise McGregor for Plymouth City Council in Ward 1.

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