To the Editor:

As we cast our ballots for Seat A on the Minnetonka City Council this fall, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate that they:

• Respect Minnetonka voters by participating in public, city-wide candidate forums such as the League of Women Voters forum on September 23;

• Invite community input (and criticism) by knocking on the doors of thousands of Minnetonka households as part of the campaign (We know how difficult that is!); and

• Focus on a better future tomorrow by having the courage to make difficult decisions today and by making them independently of party allegiance.

Deb Calvert has shown up, listened and cast courageous, independent votes. We support her re-election. Please join us. Rank Deb Calvert No. 1 for At-Large Seat A.

Karen Anderson and Jan Callison


Karen Anderson and Jan Callison are former Minnetonka mayors and council members.

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