To the Editor:

We are Minnetonka residents and enthusiastically support Brian Kirk for City Council from Ward 1. Here’s why:

Brian has a superb set of credentials and experience in both his profession as Director of Architecture/Design for the YMCA, Twin Cities and in his public life on the Minnetonka Planning Commission (Chair, last 3 years). As a lifelong resident, Brian knows the city and its people. He has served on the Imagine Minnetonka Citizens Steering Committee, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Committee, and the Community Advisory Committee of the Southwest Light Rail Transitway (SWLRT). He has both the knowledge and experience to envision and lead the future of Minnetonka.

Brian has a solid history of making rigorous and wise decisions on the planning commission both to improve our tax base through development and to preserve the neighborhood character of Minnetonka --the beautiful, vibrant, safe city we know and love. His campaign slogan – “managing change for a better community” – describes his measured, constructive approach to development. He sees both short and long-term consequences of every city government decision and action.

Brian listens – his commitment to attending neighborhood meetings, encouraging public input, and listening to residents has been a hallmark of his service to the city, most recently addressing such challenging issues as affordable housing, diversity and climate change. He is a caring husband and father –and son-in-law to die for! His wife Jennifer is a public school immersion Spanish teacher. Their three children went to Hopkins schools and graduated from Hopkins High School. Brian coached youth soccer teams and he knows and cares about the needs, challenges and value of both public education and youth sports.

As retired citizens, we care about what happens to this community. Brian Kirk’s principled, experienced and forward-looking voice is needed on the City Council. Please visit his website – www.KIRKcampaign.com – to learn more about Brian and his thoughtful views about Minnetonka’s future.

Carol Allis and Peter Frederick


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