To the Editor:

It was sad to read David Foster-Bolton’s diatribe against his Trump-supporting neighbors and his angst over being asked to get along with them. What do you suppose his alternative is? His objective, science-based opinion included the unscientific, subjective terms: selfish, cowards, vindictive, crazy, failed, paranoid, abandoned, delusions, doesn’t care, lies (x4), shamed, divided, etc.

When anyone tries to paint a human being as either pure good or pure evil – they are likely wrong and their zealotry is the problem. Foster-Bolton, your candidate won. Why are you still so angry, insulting and hateful, instead of happy and content?

We should all have a variety of sources of information to help us distill the truth and understand the thinking of each side. After publicly insulting half of his neighbors, Foster-Bolton should ponder why and how they tolerate him.

Martin R. Wellens


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