To the Editor:

Voting by mail is safe and secure. Your ballot will be rejected if your signature does not match state records, your signature is missing or you have incorrectly filled out your ballot. Be mindful.

First check your registration at Scroll down to “Register to Vote.” If your name, address, or signature has changed, fill in a new registration form. Illness or age can cause your handwriting to change. If your signature does not match your signature on record, it will be rejected.

Then return to Scroll down to “Other Ways to Vote.” Choose “Vote Early by Mail.” In your Application for an absentee ballot, Fill in your full name: first, middle and last name as it appears on your driver’s license, MN ID, Social Security card or voter registration form. When you fill in the application, it is crucial that you click on “SUBMIT” and a message will state, “We have received your application.”

When you receive your ballot, read the instructions carefully. You must use black ink to fill in the ovals. Place your ballot in the tan ballot envelope. Then place this envelope into the white signature envelope. Fill in the required information and sign your name just as you did on your application. Mail your ballot right away. A late ballot is a rejected ballot.

You may track your ballot at Track My Ballot MN. If all goes well, you will eventually receive the notification “Your ballot was accepted and will be counted!”

Jeanne Thompson


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