To the Editor:

We are so fortunate to have Susan Carter running for the at-large position on the Minnetonka City Council in the November election. Carter was appointed to the city council in February and took office in March, chosen as the best from 64 candidates. She has proven to be an excellent choice as she became fully involved in city issues from the beginning, being a quick study and open and accessible to everyone in the community.

Carter’s background and experience serve her well to be a representative voice on the council. Her master’s degree from Hamline University and as a Humphrey School of Public Affairs Policy Fellow prepare her to be a leader in city policy discussions. She has lived in Minnetonka for nine years with her husband and two children and participates in many of the community activities available to our young families. Carter’s work as executive director of the WCA Foundation keeps her in touch with numerous service groups active in our community.

I’ve been impressed by Carter’s involvement on the council. She’s fairly new to council business and process, but well informed. She does her homework. She talks to those impacted by the decision. She listens to all points of view and considers the facts of the issues. She does what it takes to make the best decision. Most important, she’s willing to speak up and present an independent point of view.

As a former mayor of Minnetonka, I appreciate the new faces and voices on our city council. Carter represents the changing dynamics and demographics of our city, yet she understands the importance of maintaining a solid municipal infrastructure, supporting safe, affordable housing, and continuing our quality programs and services.

Minnetonka residents benefit from having strong, competent city leadership, a city manager and staff that understand the need for effective, efficient services. Carter enhances that leadership with her willingness to serve the whole community in the at large position on the Minnetonka City Council.

Please join me in voting for Susan Carter on Nov. 5.

Karen Anderson


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