To the Editor:

We have been residents in the Wayzata School District since 1990. We chose to live here on the strength of Wayzata Public Schools. Every election year is an important opportunity for electing leaders for a healthy school district. This election year is no different.

In addition to carrying out their fiduciary responsibility, I feel the community will be best served when the school board creates and enforces policies ensuring safe educational environments for students.

I’ve known Heidi Kader since she was in third grade. She’s brilliant, has command of the many issues confronting the board and will represent the constituency of Wayzata Schools well.

Daniel Sellers brings commitment to education for all. He has vast knowledge and experience of education policy and governance.

Last but never least, Sarah Johansen has seasoned experience as the incumbent and has shown the ongoing ability to navigate the work of the board.

Please join me in voting for Kader, Sellers and Johansen for Wayzata School Board on Nov. 2. 

Brenda Heim


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