To the Editor:

As a Minnetonka School District educator and resident, I ask that you join me in voting for Jessica Reader for Minnetonka School Board. 

I am compelled to endorse Reader because she is the candidate committed to keeping our district education focused. She has made her desire to serve on the Minnetonka School Board simple and straightforward, stressing four goals: To empower, unite, educate and support students at every level.

Reader is committed to academic opportunities that lead students to achieve to the best of their ability. She will unite students through common interests and advance a well-rounded curriculum that promotes diverse thinking and respect for differences. Perhaps most importantly, she will continue the fiscal responsibility that has been the foundation of the school district’s success. These are goals that I, and I’m certain most families in the district, will embrace.

These past two years have challenged us in ways that seemed unimaginable, and through this time Minnetonka families have been supportive, resilient and honest about what they desire for their children. I believe wholeheartedly that Reader is the right person to lead our community and provide the steady guidance and hopeful outlook we need at the school board level. She is a thoughtful, considerate and winsome leader who will use her years of experience and knowhow to offer common sense solutions that we in the Minnetonka community have come to expect and appreciate.

Matt Moran


Editor's note: The opinions shared in this letter are those of the individual who wrote them. They do not reflect those of the Minnetonka Public School District. The district does not support nor oppose any candidate for elected office.

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