To the Editor:

I have lived across from Colin Cox for the past 12 years. I have seen him push his son, Shepherd, in a stroller; I have watched him wait for Shep’s school bus in the morning and toss him baseballs in the afternoon. Colin is the kind of father we want on our school board. He will make sure your sons and daughters get the education they deserve.

Colin is also the neighbor who will bring your dog back when it has taken off. He can do that because he knows your dog’s name, not just yours. He’s the neighbor who fed our pets when I had to spend time with my wife at the Mayo Clinic. He had the extra set of our house keys to let the sitter in when she locked herself out while we were out of town. We trust Colin.

As a college teacher, I have worked in Minnesota’s system of higher education for 33 years, so I care deeply about the quality of our schools. Colin and I have had many conversations about what it takes to raise responsible, engaged citizens and train our Minnesota workforce for the future. Colin has my vote for sure, and I encourage you to give him yours, too.

Michael Javinsky-Wenzek

St. Louis Park

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