To the Editor:

The candidates for Wayzata School Board could not be more different. In watching the Sept. 29 League of Women Voters forum, it became clear that some candidates are far more prepared to lead in this time while others put the education and health of children at risk. 

Three candidates stood out as bringing a mix of perspectives and expertise needed now. Sarah Johansen has been an incredibly active board member and can provide exceptional skills as the district navigates continued uncharted waters. Milind Sohoni brought the most in-depth answers based on evidence and facts, demonstrating what made him a successful scientist and business owner. Heidi Kader brought forth detailed specific ideas of how the district can best navigate through challenging decisions ahead.

Daniel Sellers, Muthu Periakaruppan and Mariam Siddiqui all offer compelling backgrounds but also offered fewer concrete ideas for what they will champion. Of the remaining candidates, I heard them express support for censoring science and history. Democracy is fragile, and as Thomas Jefferson made clear, public education is how we equip our citizens to think and serve. I think Johansen, Sohoni and Kader are our best bet to ensure that the Wayzata School District’s reputation for excellence in education and our democracy will continue for many more years to come.

Joel Spoonheim


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