To the Editor:

Two years ago, the voters of St. Louis Park chose Anne Casey and Mary Tomback to represent them on the school board, replacing two experienced incumbents. Anne and Mary have hit the ground running and have already made vital contributions to the board. On Nov. 5, the voters once again have the opportunity to elect new candidates who are uniquely qualified to contribute to the board on day one.

Colin Cox and Heather Wilsey have shown through their careers and community involvement that they care deeply about students. Additionally, I believe they have the characteristics needed to be successful board members. That is, they will listen to all stakeholders, consider all sides of an issue, draw rational conclusions, and last but not least, communicate well with the public.

When I made my decision to not run for the school board after eight years of service, I did it knowing we have a great superintendent, a solid current board, and the potential of wonderful newcomers in Colin and Heather who will bring new perspectives and fresh energy to the organization. Please join me in supporting them with your vote!

Joe Tatalovich

St. Louis Park

Joe Tatalovich is a member of the St. Louis Park School Board.

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