To the Editor:

As the parent of two adult children educated in the Wayzata School district, I can attest to the high-quality education they received. Both were well prepared to excel in academics and work life due, in large part, to preparation by the Wayzata schools.

Excellence, however, does not mean we don’t have room for improvement. After a year of COVID quarantines, our district has lost enrollment and therefore funding, lost learning opportunities and we see an achievement gap between our students of color and their white peers.

Milind stands for education equity and excellence, healthy nutrition, planning for future school space and equitable funding for students with disabilities and special needs. His experience as a PhD in chemistry, corporate success and experience in very large education organizations means he knows how to look at data and turn it into root causes and solutions.

A high tide raises all boats. When our students of color suffer achievement gaps, or students with disabilities do not get the launch they need, all the community suffers. Students who are destined for higher education have been held back, students destined for blue-collar jobs so desperately needed in our community don’t get directed to trade schools or job training and the bar for all is lowered.

Milind has demonstrated throughout his life and career a dedication to the citizens of Plymouth and concern for the quality of education for all our students. He has served the community in the past as a volunteer fire fighter in Plymouth. Today in his retirement he continues to show dedication to the community through membership in the West Metro Community and Police Collaborative, board membership in the Wayzata Education Fund, membership on the Wayzata Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Advisory Committee and he is the community representative to the Wayzata Public School’s Legislative Action Committee.

Let’s put all Milind’s experience both past and current to work on the Wayzata School Board. We could not ask for more passion or dedication to education in a school board member. Elect Milind Sohoni.

Rebecca Monson


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